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Professional Grade Carpet Cleaning Kit (TCA-KIT)

Professional Grade Carpet Cleaning Kit (TCA-KIT)

Professional Grade Carpet Cleaning Kit (TCA-KIT)  $0.00

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Professional Grade Carpet Cleaning Kit

 - 2 Quarts TRIPLE ACTION Enzyme Carpet Spotter
 - 1 Gallon CARPET SANITIZING CLEANER Extraction and Bonnet Cleaner
 - 2 Quarts ALL PURPOSE SPOTTER Carpet Spotter

I-74 TRIPLE ACTION Enzyme Spotter - Cherry Almond . A ready-to-use, multi-enzyme carpet spotter, deodorizer and protector is a cleaning product designed to remove the stains and odors caused by spills such as urine, vomit, food, feces, pet stains, milk, wine and coffee stains. Utilizing broad-spectrum odor counter-actant that chemically neutralized the malodor, and bacteria strains to eliminate the old stains. Triple Action is a high performance cleaning product that is a complete solution for carpet spotting. These cleaning products can be used as a carpet spot remover, deodorizer as well as pre-treatment. For use on all types of soils and stains. Contains Soil Guard 2000 technology that locks out soil. 

I-10 CARPET SANITIZING CLEANER Extraction Bonnet Cleaner. This product is a carpet sanitizer against odor causing bacteria, a fungicide and mildewstat. As an additional feature, this product may also be used as a broad-spectrum disinfectant for hard non-porous surfaces. With this use, it brings the user bacterial and virucidal claims for over 100 organisms. Great for use on flood damaged carpets.

I-70 ALL PURPOSE SPOTTER Carpet Spotter. This product is a one-step “all purpose spotter” and stain remover designed to remove the toughest oil and water-based stains and spots caused by foods, beverages, petroleum and natural type greases and oils, blood, urine, lipstick, inks and Betadine. The new Soil Guard 2000 technology incorporates Dupont Zonyl Soil and Stain Protector along with Dupont’s dye site blocker to add protection from spills, stains and soil buildup. ()

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