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Professional Floor Cleaning Refinishing Kit (HME-KIT)

Professional Floor Cleaning Refinishing Kit (HME-KIT)

Professional Floor Cleaning Refinishing Kit (HME-KIT)  $0.00

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Professional Floor Cleaning Refinishing Kit

- 1 Gallon HOT SHOT Heavy Duty No Rinse Speed Stipper
- 1 Gallon MEGA FLEX High Solids Ultra Compatible Floor Finish
- 1 Gallon EMERALD Optically Enhanced Neutral Floor Cleaner

HOT SHOT Heavy Duty No Rinse Speed Stripper. The professionals choice. The most effective floor finish emulsifier ever developed. This floor stripper will solubilize aged and built-up finishes and old wax almost instantly. May be used as a no-scrub stripper or with a conventional slow speed floor scrubbing machine and pad.

MEGA FLEX High Solids Ultra Compatible Floor Finish. The professionals choice. A new generation industrial floor finish formulated with a patented polymer technology that designed to work with any maintenance method and any equipment on all types of floors due its ultra-compatibility and flexibility. High solids floor finish MEGA FLEX requires fewer coats than convention floor waxes and provides superior gloss, excellent durability and superior leveling. New chemistry allows the finish to form good film even in poor drying conditions. Response is unsurpassed with any type of UHS equipment-propane, battery, or cord electric buffing and burnishing machines.
EMERALD Optically Enhanced Neutral Floor Cleaner. The professionals choice. A totally synthetic neutral floor cleaner designed for use in a modern floor maintenance program. Its lightly acidic pH will not damage the gloss or film of any finish and is effective at neutralizing harsh cleaner residue left behind from previous use. Contains optical brighteners to enhance the beauty of floors when dry. Controlled foam makes this product ideal for use in automatic scrubbers. Will dissolve all ice melt and hard water films and never leave the floor with a soap haze. ()

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